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Used Cooking Oil Recycling Biodiesel Plant

biodiesel making machine, biodiesel production equipment is extracted from animal fats,plant oil, and widely used for trucks, tractors, ships, etc.
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Bio-diesel is an alternative diesel fuel which is composed of the fatty acid alkyl esters made from plant oil or animal fat.  At present, most of the Bio-diesel is made from refined plant oil, methanol and an alkaline catalyst production. Yet most unfavorable edible, waste oil could be conversed to Bio-diesel. 

1)Could reach Europe No. III let standard,
2)Density is smaller than water, about 0.7424~0.8886,
3)Good stability, never metamorphic in long period keeping,
    4)Excellent environmental protection: low sulfur, low emissions of dioxide and sulfur, as high as 98% biodegradability Bio-diesel, twice times degradation rate than ordinary diesel oil, and could greatly reduce the leakage accident of environment pollution,
5)Bio-diesel has no Aromatic hydrocarbon which could pollute environment, and exhaust gas damage is lower than diesel,
6)Better performance of engine low temperature starting, cold filtration point reach -13℃ without additives,
7) High cetane number, better combustion performance than diesel, combustion residue is neutral extending the engine oil service life,
8) No need changing diesel engine, and could be added directly to use, and no need add other oil equipments, storage equipments and special technology personnel training,
9)High moisture. Moisture is helpful to reduce oil viscosity, improving stability, and reducing the oil calorific value,
10)With renewable animal and plant fatty acid monoester as raw material, could reduce the demand of fossil fuel oil,
11)Environment friendly, toxic organic compounds in biological diesel emissions is only 10% of ordinary diesel oil, and particulate matter only 20% of ordinary diesel, and  carbon monoxide &carbon dioxide emissions only 10% of the petroleum, no emissions of sulphur and lead and toxic substances.
12)Mixed Bio-diesel concentration of sulfur emissions could be reduced from 500 PPM to 5 PPM,
13)No need to replace engine and it has a protective effect on engine,
14) Low PH value, so the best storage device material is the ones have resistance to acid corrosion,
15) Has aging tendency, heating should not be more than 80℃, storage should avoid light and air,
16) Good safety performance, high flash point, safety in transportation, storage and use.

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