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Recycling Waste Oil To Biodiesel Plant

The equipment is used to chemical industry field, raw material can be plant oil,animal oil,catering waste oil, acid oil etc..
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The equipment is used to chemical industry field, raw material can be plant oil,animal oil,catering waste oil, acid oil etc.

It contains the international advanced pre-processing section, esterification process and distillation process, and it meets the European Union Standards.


Bio-diesel is extracted from animal fats,plant oil, and widely used for trucks, tractors, ships, etc. It refers to use oil crops, such as soybean, rapeseed, cotton, palm, wild oil plant and engineering micro algae and other aquatic plant oils and animal fats, food waste oil as raw oil material, through ester exchange process , producing a kind of reactivity diesel fuel which could instead of petroleum diesel.
Bio-diesel is one kind of biomass energy, and it is a kind of long chain fatty acid mono-alkyl esters getting from the biomass utilization technology such as ester exchange. Bio-diesel is a mixture of high oxygen content of complex organic compounds, and these compounds are mainly large molecular weight , and including to almost all types of oxygen-containing organic compounds, such as, ether, aldehyde, ketone, phenol, organic acids, alcohols, etc.
Compound Bio-diesel is extracted from raw material such as abandoned animal fats and pliant oil, used oil and a by-product of oil refinery, added catalyst, synthesized by special equipment and special technology.


The prodution steps are as follows:

1. Preprocessing section of bio-oil: when heated to 65-70°C, bio-oil is leached to remove impurities.
2. Drying section: bio-oil without impurities is dehydrated and dried.
3. First esterification reaction: adding bio-oil dehydrated to methanol including 3% sulfuric acid, first esterification reaction starts, and it will take 1.5—2.5 hours.
4. Second esterification reaction: this esterification reaction will take 9—12 hours.
5. Vacuum drying section: Second esterification reactants are dried with vacuum, removing moisture, reducing water content below 3%.
6. Distillation section: with vacuum state, second esterification reactants after vacuum drying section are heated to 220°C, biodiesel forms by steaming. Then cooling biodiesel to be liquid, the liquid biodiesel is just finished biodiesel.
7. Methanol fine-distillation: after biodiesel is isolated, the remaining methanol liquid is distilled to form methanol. Methanol cooled can be reused.
Bio-oil can be plant oil, animal oil or high acid-value waste oil.

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