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Talent Strategy

Talent Strategy

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Nowadays, the deciding factor for the development of a company is not money, technology, or systems, but people’s sense of responsibility. Talents are the most valuable assets of a company. It is the tie that holds the company together, and it is the soul the company. Our company upholds the people-oriented management philosophy; we pay attention to the development and training of personnel, and take efforts to create conditions for their growth, trying to retain people through careers, development, and culture. We strive to strengthen and expand the company through giving full play to the talents of employees and then realize the self-worth of employees through the development and growth of the company.

We firmly believe that talents are the real driving force for the company. They are the wings for the soaring of the company, while the company is a stage for employees to show their talents. Employees and the company are dependent on each other to achieve their common development. Therefore, our company advocates the idea of people orientation, having developed the human resource management concept of a modern enterprise that emphasizes “people orientation, human resources, and the mobility of talents”.

We assign tasks to people based on their abilities and merits, try to give full play to their knowledge and offer them opportunities for comprehensive development. Sticking to the principle of “employing people’s strong points and tolerating their shortcomings”, the company implements the appointment system for managers, to find suitable jobs for each employee. In order to mobilize the enthusiasm of the staff, the company often carries out competitions (about working attitude, competences, efficiency, quality and contributions at work). For employees who are excellent in all aspects, we offer them commendations and rewards, and promote them to the public, so as to develop the idea that “my personal gains depends on the propensity of the company” within the company, and allow every talent to exert their abilities at the appropriate position. The company also accepts employees’ constructive suggestions at work. The company and employees interact with each other, to create a good atmosphere in which the company is kind to employees and the employees are attached to the company. We cultivate employees’ sense of honor in various ways to stimulate their enthusiasm.

We adhere to the principle of “respecting, trusting, and understanding people”, so that employees can feel the confidence of further development in the company. Under the influence of the “people-oriented” corporate culture, we encourage each employee to be “independent, conscientious, pioneering, collaborative and dedicated”, to bind the hearts of all employees together, and create greater values for the company and the society.

Entering the new year, the company proposed the “721” construction project. That is, in the new year, the company will achieve the goal of the talent construction plan through recruitment, introduction, and cooperation, so that the number of employees with bachelor’s degrees will reach 70, the number of master's degree holders will reach 20, and the number of doctoral degree holders will reach 10. Through the implementation of the talent strategy, Jiuda can expect a better future!

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