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About US

About US

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Henan Hi-tech Kingdo Industrial Company Ltd. headquartered in Zhengzhou National Hi-Tech Industrial Development Zone, Henan province. Kingdo owns three subsidiaries and a machinery manufacturing plant, and it is a comprehensive industrial company on scientific research, manufacturing and sales,and covering oil engineering, biodiesel, biogas, grain processing, biotechnology, water treatment equipment and international trade business.



Kingdo carries out long-term cooperation with Henan University of Technology (formerly Zhengzhou Grain College). Up to now there are more than 200 employees, of which senior management and engineering and technical personnel more than 90 people. In recent years, Kingdo has introduced a series of advanced equipment including lathes, milling machines, welding machines, aircraft hanging, bending machine and cutting machine etc. Kingdo's business scope includes project consulting and services, process design, equipment manufacture and supply, engineering equipment installation and after-sales service. Kingdo has successfully passed the ISO9001: 2000 quality management system certification and holds more several patents covering its technologies and processes. Since its establishment in 1997, the production, sales and the overall economic indicators of Kingdo is in the forefront of the domestic industries, the products sold well all over the country, and exported to Ukraine, Vietnam, India, Myanmar, Kazakhstan, Botswana, Russia etc. more than thirty countries and regions.

Machinery manufacturing plant and engineering companies: mainly engaged in the general contracting of grain, oil, warehouse, storage engineering;manufacturing and procurement on oil equipment and grain machinery and equipment; deep processing of oil by-products; realize turnkey projects to the owners. The company has a variety of professional qualification on project consulting, technology development, engineering design, equipment manufacturing, installation, engineering, general contracting, foreign EPC, with great advantages in technology research, development, equipment manufacturing, engineering design and installation, is currently the domestic industry's most powerful companies in this business, completed nearly 400 domestic and foreign qualified projects.

New Energy Company: Doing harmless treatment and resource utilization to the urban fixed waste (including garbage, food waste, municipal sewage sludge); investment construction and operation of fixed waste treatment projects; related technology research and development, equipment manufacturing, sales and other utilization on bio-diesel, bio-organic fertilizer, biogas and biogas power generation and other products (or related chemical products).

Biotechnology companies: mainly engaged in the extraction of plant components with high added value, the extraction and preparation of pharmaceutical intermediates.

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Company name: Henan Hi-tech Kingdo Industrial Co., Ltd.   Tel: 0371 -86561186   Fax: 0371 -86561186  
Address: No. 14, 8/F, Unit East, Block 1, No. 6, Cuizhu Street, Zhengzhou High-tech Area, Henan Province, China
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